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1231 W Burnside St, Portland, OR

Portland is an amazing city with a heavy coffee culture. Coupled with a tight retail footprint we decided to try a new store format that diverged from our typical cafe centric approach.


Keeping the focus on retail allowed us to create an immersive shopping experience where we educate customers while they shop through the use of touch screens and video displays. We called this concept the "Give Shop". 


Even though we were tight on space, we were able to fit a lot into a small space - a coffee tasting area, retail and window displays, a cozy lounge, an interactive modular seating area plus a full back stock room, bathroom and manager's office.


We wanted to highlight our 14' ceilings, so to keep the focus on giving, we commissioned the artist Elkpen to create a custom illustrated giving map that fills the space above wall fixtures. This map has lived on and has been incorporated into our shopping bags, giving communications and other retail locations.


Role: Senior Retail Designer


  • Design of entire retail space, fixtures, signage, layout and graphics

  • Managed a team to complete design projects

  • Sourced FF&E & decor

  • Hands on assistance during store set up including hand painting and merchandising

  • Sourced and commissioned an artist to create an illustrated map that fills the space


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