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7802 Girard Ave, La Jolla, CA

For TOMS' first pop up shop in a few years, we knew we needed to reinvent the wheel but still focus on a raw, DIY approach. We had to keep things lo-fi since the lease was temporary, but also wanted to make sure things could be used again in another pop-up shop.


The space was pretty rough and lacked lighting so we decided to cover the walls with plywood, which made for a nice bright canvas. Lighting was accomplished by reimagining some affordable home depot work lamps and hanging string lights. Fixtures were built simply with plywood and pipe, tables were plywood on sawhorses and the divider between retail and back stock was a simple painted canvas tarp.


This limited material palette and utilitarian approach made for a fresh bright space that was lighthearted and fit in well with the beachy vibe of the neighborhood. The space also had a community aspect, hosting events and featuring a large chalkboard wall for people to interact with. There was even a giving corner that highlighted local charities and volunteering opportunities, where customers could volunteer for a discount on purchases.


Role: Senior Retail Designer


  • Design of entire retail space, fixtures, signage, layout and graphics

  • Managed a team to complete design projects

  • Sourced FF&E & decor


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