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Joanna & Audie's Desert Love Wedding | Palm Springs, CA

We wanted our wedding to be a reflection of who we are and what inspires us. We dated for 8 years before getting engaged, so we wanted our wedding to be a soulful and fun celebration of our lives together and the people we love. We focused the wedding around a central theme that we both believe - Together we can do amazing things.


The desert has always been a special place for us to escape to, to reflect and to get inspired. We wanted to share our love for each other and the desert with our friends and family, so we chose to get married at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, California.


From the hand painted save the date, to the spaghetti western music, to the cheeky tourist map invite, we wanted our distinct mark on everything. Creating the wedding was the ultimate creative project and we loved planning every second of it.

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