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Arlo's Nursery - Before and After

Hey guys!

I'm finally getting to adding a blog to my site. Woo! For my first post I wanted to share some behind the scenes photos of how Arlo's nursery came together, along with our inspiration. I'll also include a list of items and vendors in case you'd like to shop for your little one's room!

Our initial inspiration came from a Mary Blair print we got at Disneyland, but veered towards a more modern woodland theme after a trip to Ojai for our babymoon. We loved the color palette of the painting and chose to focus on blue and yellow as our primary colors in the room and have other colors come through in artwork and accessories.

The room is basically a square with a little nook in the far corner. We turned it into a reading nook with a cushioned storage bench loaded with stuffed animal friends. The space above the closet is actually lofted and in our dreams we wanted to put a ladder leading up to a secret hang out.. but since Arlo is just a baby that seemed a little overkill at this point, but maybe one day! I can dream..


When we moved into our house last October, Arlo's room was pretty much a dumping ground for everything we couldn't find a home for, hence the shameful hoarder-esque look of some of these before photos. We seriously couldn't even walk through the room and had to move piles of things around in order to get anything done. Slowly but surely over about 4 months we got things put away and started to see the light at the end of the tunnel (or baby at the end of the birth canal?).

The main DIY project in the room was switching out the standard drawer pulls to natural wood knobs. We went with a mix of painted navy furniture and natural wood. The dresser doubles as a changing table and I like how the changing topper ties into the other natural wood tones nicely. The other DIY projects were sticking the triangle decals on the wall and hemming the drapes. Hemming was deceptively hard, and I have to admit I didn't do a really great job of it.. but after buying a $20 sewing machine from Target (score!) and tackling it myself, I felt like I was super mom, so it was worth it.

You can see the photos of the finished product here. Also, my favorite blog for kids room inspiration, the boo and the boy, posted a feature of Arlo's room. You can check it out here! I was so excited since I've been pinning photos from here for years. I definitely recommend this blog if you're looking for some inspiration.

And last but not least...

Shopping List

Dresser (they only have it in white now)

Nightstand (also only it in white now)

Changing pad cover (this was the closest thing to it)

Crib sheet (Not seeing the print we have but they always have cool ones)

Ceiling light (in marigold)

Sconce (in persimmon)

If there's anything I missed that you'd like a link to or want to know more about, just let me know! I'd be happy to help.

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