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You can call me a dreamer, a designer, or a dirty handed do it yourself-er.

A creative communicator, a collaborator or a cactus collector.

A planner, a plant lover, or a textile hoarder. 

A vintage shopper, a desert loving mama or a moodboard making master. 


The name’s Joanna but you can call me Jo. 

I’m a sunshine and lollipops obsessed designer living and working in Los Angeles, California. I’ve got my mom’s hippie heart, my dad’s analytic mind and my own curious desire to figure it all out. With my passion for interiors and background in branding and retail design, I create hand crafted spaces with character that tell a story. 

I've always been an observer, a watcher of people and details. I grew up in the foothills of the San Gabriel valley, drawing in the grass and obsessively watching episodes of This Old House. After graduating with a degree in Graphic Design from Art Center in 2007, I started working at TOMS as a graphic designer, following my desire to do work that makes a difference. Since then I have held roles as Visual Merchandising Manager, Senior Retail Designer and Associate Art Director.


I am currently available for freelance art direction and interior design projects. Let's create something together!

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